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The Independent School Admission Director as Tim Wakefield's Catcher

Since 2008, the yearly trends in the independent school admission environment have been knuckleballs, and necessarily, the most successful admission directors have much the same skill set as a knuckleball catcher. He or she is consummately well-prepared but wary of over-anticipating, imaginative enough to form a shifting definition of the new market realities but ready to abandon definitions that no longer have validity, flexible enough to arrange time and energy to follow the trends as they develop, and humble enough to accept bad guesses or to work harder to retrieve an inquiry that looked like it was getting away. 

Independent School Magazine

The World We'd Like to Build

I believe this deeply, that our job as educators is to help children become productive, active, potentially radical citizens, people awake to beauty and to their capacity to create beauty themselves. We must be present to our own thoughts and expressions and to each other to accomplish this mission.

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