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                      PAST AND PRESENT CLIENTS

  • New School (Fayetteville, AR)

  • WheelingCountry Day School (Wheeling, WV)

  • Independent Schools Association of the Central States

  • West End School (Louisville, KY)

  • St. Edmund's Academy, Pittsburgh)

  • Academy at Ocean Reef (Key Largo, FL)

  • Peoria Academy (Peoria, IL)

  • Science and Arts Academy (Chicago)

  • Baker Demonstration School (Chicago)

  • University Lake School (Hartland, WI)

  • Walden School (Louisville, KY)

  • Cleveland Council of Independent Schools

  • Pembroke Hill School (Kansas City)

  • Hathaway Brown School (Cleveland)

  • Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington, DC

  • Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

  • Thomas Jefferson School (St. Louis)

  • Norwood School, (Bethesda, MD)

  • St. Paul's Episcopal Day School (Kansas City)

  • Montessori School of Columbia (SC)

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